We present a simple tool from which to manage the actions, processes and CVs with which it works a Human Resources Department for the recruitment of its candidates and that of its clients.


For whom?

This tool is aimed at small and medium-sized companies that manage with some recurrence of selection processes for candidates of different profiles.
Through 3 large blocks: Candidates, Processes and Interviews it is intended to manage all information concerning the applicants or candidates, as well as the actions carried out by the Department of Human Resources, calls, interviews, classifications/advances or adaptation to the process. In addition to all this information will be able to carry out searches filtered by knowledge/aptitudes or rates for future requirements of the Human Resources Department.

Technical specifications

The application is web-based and uses a client-server structure, so it is necessary to have a Web server where you will be staying and the application will be accessed by an IP or Web address.

Here are the requirements for the server that will host the application

  • Web server (such as Apache or Nginx)
  • PHP 5.3 or higher
  • MySQL 5. x
  • Recommended 4GB of RAM
  • S. Or Windows or Linux

For customers it will suffice that the device (PC, tablet, laptop, Mobile…) has a modern browser: Chrome, Firefox, IE9 or higher…
With JavaScript enabled (this functionality is enabled by defect in all browsers).

The application is written in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP and Bootstrap.