Warning ORA-16853: apply lag has exceeded specified threshold in 19c.

Today, we bring you a case we have seen in a blog about the warning ORA-16853 and we think it can be useful.

It was a situation where in multi standby database environment , one of the standby database was lagging behind from the primary database. The log gap between primary and standby database was pretty huge. However, the files were present in primary so, after disabling/enabling LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_3(As this was pointing to the 2nd standby site) the RFS process started transporting the archives to the 2nd standby database.

After executing following command the MRP process started applying logs in the standby site

SQL> alter database recover managed standby database disconnect from session;

However, checking in dataguard broker console, it was throwing a warning:

ORA-16853: apply lag has exceeded specified threshold


The reason of above warning is self explanatory, as one of our standby db (sbdb in this case) was out of sync for long time, the threshold value has been exceeded hence the warning.

So, the warning can be resolved by setting ApplyLagThreshold and TransportLagThreshold to Zero.

Source: https://dbasoumya.blogspot.com/2023/01/how-to-fix-ora-16853-apply-lag-has.html

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