GPS OPEN SOURCE is a company that was founded in 2010 with a clear vocation of service oriented to offer specialised consultancy in systems and database environments as well as services based on Open Source software and solutions.

From the direction of GPS Open Source, we bet to offer customized solutions based on criteria of maximum quality, efficiency and profitability. Our goal is to earn the trust of our customers continuously, ensuring success in their technology projects, participating in the management of your IT as a trusted partner.

In GPS OPEN SOURCE we are clear that companies and their IT Departments need to have suppliers that provide technical expertise, commitment and agility to be the most productive in the shortest possible time. For this reason, our services are developed and integrated into the daily dynamics of the IT Departments of our clients, with our teams or personnel being one more piece in the chain.

This commitment to quality is made by relying on our strengths, Specialization, Commitment, Management and the following points:

  • Our main objective is to permanently increase the degree of satisfaction of our clients and stakeholders by offering highly specialized services and personnel that respond, at all times to their needs and comply with their requirements, current legislation and of course with our work philosophy.
  • The Management is committed to the correct development of the projects and the continuous improvement in the quality of the services offered, to guarantee the qualification and continuous training of its personnel, in order to permanently increase their training and competence.
  • The Quality Management System has the full support of the Management of GPS OPEN SOURCE, which is committed to its proper functioning, to encourage participation and teamwork in order to achieve the established objectives and to continuously improve the effectiveness of the system.

The Management of GPS OPEN SOURCE, makes this Quality Policy available to its clients and different interested parties and it is communicated to all its employees.

Signed Luis Millán Ibáñez

Executive Director (CEO)