As expert DBAs, we offer the full range of consulting services for projects, from audits, implementation, migrations or database tuning. We also have formulas for Evolutionary Maintenance Services, Third Level Support and outsourcing of DBA profiles. These services are designed for companies that are looking for external DBAs to share or delegate projects, or those that do not have specialized database equipment and have an environment to deal with.

Database consulting

Our professional services catalogue is directed to the areas of systems anddatabases, as well as to the operating departments. In GPS we have an important background in projects of implementation, migration and performance of Linux and database environments. Our services will allow you to plan and carry out how many operatives need to count at all times with the experience of an experienced consultant and a support team for your daily tasks.

Database support and maintenance

From GPS Open Source we provide support and evolutionary database maintenance services in enterprise environments. Our portfolio is aimed at medium and large companies that require a specialized and trusted supplier. A partner to address projects that require experience and knowledge in database environments, either Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Sybase…

Our consultants and technicians have extensive baggage in the administration of databases in critical environments and have participated and led projects of migration and implementation of databases for big companies. Our contribution is part of this specialization and it becomes strong from commitment and effort as a guarantee of success.

Outsourcing IT

Outsourcing services for IT environments is now a reality not only for big companies.
The integral outsourcing of services or that of specific profiles for projects of improvement and adequacy of the infrastructures, are an important and growing value in the companies.

The dedication to the business and the daily maintenance of the infrastructures, sometimes prevents that the teams of the companies can also tackle new projects and/or improvements that require a high degree of specialization.

Open Source Solutions

In GPS we have highly qualified technicians with experience in the Open Source World, which will help you choose between the different alternatives available and make the decision will help them implement or maintain them.

The freedom to be able to control, and manage these solutions and IT environments provides customers with significant vendor independence, and providers an opportunity to grow in knowledge of the platforms from tracking Projects and the community around them.

In GPS we establish alliances with the channels of the Open Source community, as well as with the partnered channels, in order to provide our customers with the necessary support to entrust their implementation projects in us and their systems in manufacturers with a support commercial.