At GPS Open Source we have an important background in Oracle Consulting projects such as implementations, migrations and tuning on Oracleenvironments on any Unix/Linux or Wintel platform.

Our consultancy services include database audits and on-boarding plans for performance improvement, planning and execution of migrations, High Availability installations, Cluster, RAC, etc.

Oracle Consulting Jobs

The study is carried out by specializedconsultants and certified DBAs who prepare a set of recommendations and implementation plans to improve the performance, scalability and availability of your environments. Some of these tasks are:

Oracle Consulting
  • Patching review.
  • Oracle Upgrades on the same or different architecture.
  • Detailed review of Oracle instances.
  • Checking and revision of Top Queries.
  • Feasibility study of HA solutions in Oracle (RAC, Dataguard, etc).
  • Review Storage (file-system, raw, ASM).
  • Threshold analysis, alert configuration and performance.
  • Backup Policy and Management Review
  • Checking and revision of Top Queries.
  • Memory configuration analysis.
  • Study of disk accesses.
  • Collection and analysis of database statistics at peak load times.
  • Revisión de los parámetros actuales e informe de recomendaciones para mejorar el rendimiento.

The service is oriented to obtain a report of recommendations for the best use of the resources assigned to your database environment, and according to the specifications and recommendations of theOracle manufacturer. Together with the report, a document of possible improvements aimed at optimizing performance, security, availability and contingency, or the use of the resources under study is proposed, if applicable.

For Oracle migration work, we have a tool developed by GPS, which allows us to reproduce and analyze queries in different environments. This way we can simulate the response and performance, before implementing the changes. In this way, we are able to save time and ensure the success of the Oracle migrations.

You can see our consulting work on the references and technical solvencypage.