At GPS we have highly qualified and experienced technicians in the world of Open Source Solutions, who will help you choose between the different alternatives available and make the decision to help you implement or maintain them.

What solutions do we offer?

Open Source Solutions

The freedom to be able to control, and manage these solutions and IT environments provides customers with significant vendor independence, and providers an opportunity to grow in knowledge of the platforms from tracking Projects and the community around them.

The Free Software philosophy allows us to know each product in depth, to continue developing according to our needs and to share and take advantage of the impulse of other developers. The large amount of resources that the Open Source community offers to these developments is a force of production, improvement and testing, difficult to match from the proprietary software market.

In GPS we establish alliances with the channels of the Open Source community, as well as with the partnered channels, in order to provide our customers with the necessary support to entrust their implementation projects in us and their systems in manufacturers with a support commercial.

We base most of our solutions on Open Source products, our experience makes us fully trust each of their products and we offer the necessary support so that each of our customers can do the same.

Making use of the Open Source market solutions offer, we offer our solutions following closely the most important Open Source projects today such as MySQL, Debian, WordPress, Joomla or RedHat.

The knowledge and experience of our consultants and our alliances within the Open Source world allow us to offer a wide range of solutions to improve the integration and management of your systems.