With our PostgreSQL Tuning service, you will have a team specialized in this type of projects, which will help you get a better use of your platform and improve the performance of your database environment.

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Tuning PostgreSQL

With our Tuning service, we review the architecture, the most significant situations or use cases, top queries of your PostgreSQL platform and we also monitor the production environment to measure performance peaks or problems.

With all this, we made a first report detailing the current state of your platform and a set of recommendations and plans for the Tuning of your PostgreSQL platform.

Tuning PostgreSQL

Some of the tasks performed include:

  • Analysis of the platform status
  • Review and optimization of the heaviest Querys
  • Architecture and installation recommendations
  • Monitoring of the production environment
  • Patching review
  • Individualized study of each instance
  • Backup management report
  • Training on administration and best practices in its use.
  • Detailed report on the actions taken to implement the improvements.

The recommendations report will aim at a better use of the resources allocated to your database environment, always according to the PostgreSQL manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations. We also make a review for the implementation of high availability in the environment.

We have extensive experience in dealing with this type of projects. You can look at some of them in references and technical solvency.

If you want to address changes on your PostgreSQL platform, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

In case you need to delegate the maintenance of your databases, you can consult our PostgreSQL support and maintenance service.