The outsourcing of IT services is today a reality not only for large companies. Today the need for highly specialized profiles or teams represents a growth opportunity for businesses where the technological component requires updating along with other areas of the company.

Outsourcing IT services

Outosurcing IT

Comprehensive outsourcing of services and search processes for specific profiles pose a challenge for many human resources departments in companies.

From GPS we can help from the beginning to really define what the company’s needs are and together define the skills and training required by the positions we must cover. Once the profile is defined, the offer and career plan for the candidate within the company are created and finally our selection team will position and evaluate the validity of the applications from a technical point of view, so that the company decides only between candidates that They have already passed the technical solvency filter, and look for the person who best fits with their team and company philosophy.

Our goal is not only to provide you with a qualified professional for the development of your projects, but also to provide you with an experienced team of DBAs for upgrading, migration and tuning projects, as well as for the daily maintenance of your infrastructure.

With this service, we offer support to our clients for the complete outsourcing of services with consequent cost savings.

What does our IT Outsourcing service include?

  • Total Systems Management.
  • Maintenance of Networks, Systems and databases.
  • On-site support, 7×24 support, remote support.

Recruitment Services

We carry out rigorous talent recruitment processes to provide highly qualified professionals, ensuring their well-being once incorporated to guarantee their job satisfaction through training and professional development plans to minimize turnover.

  • Specific and qualified profiles.
  • Processes agreed with the client.
  • Management of displaced teams.