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GPS Open Source is a company born in 2010 with a clear vocation: Offer consulting services specialized in Databases and Solutions based on Free Software. In recent years GPS has begun to settle in important national clients, which allows us to continue growing in value, resources and organization. GPS today is equipped with a structure capable of offering the guarantees and quality that customers demand for their services. In line with this commitment to quality, in 2015 GPS OPEN SOURCE implements a model based on the ISO 9001 standard for all levels of its organization.

Our objective is to earn your trust continuously, guaranteeing success in your technological projects and participating in them as a partner of trust.

From GPS we intend to bring the wide range of Open Source solutions to SMEs, providing our background and experience to propose competitive and profitable technological solutions, supported by the principles of Free Software.

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Hello everyone, today we are going to talk about latches, an Oracle lock in memory. What are Latches? Latches provide a low-level serialization mechanism that protects shared data structures in …