Alfresco is one of the main open source tools for managing corporate contents (ECM); It is also a powerful business process modeling tool (BMP). This duality of product visions has placed Alfresco among those who lead the convergence of ECM and BPM and has the endorsement of more than 1800 companies that enjoy the advantages of Alfresco.

Among other things, Alfresco can help you manage your documentation by making your life cycle easier. To reduce the use of written documentation in your organization replaced by electronic documentation. To accelerate corporate information flows by sending automatic notifications. To look for duplication in the documentation. To share the documentation with clients and partners complying with the regulations.

Alfresco’s capabilities include:

  • Possibility of integration with the corporate LDAP.
  • Document management, records and images including repository-level versioning
  • Workflow management with BPM Activiti
  • Document Management
  • Access to the repository via CIFS/SMB, FTP and/or WebDAV
  • Integration with Microsoft Office and OpenOffice.Org
  • Scalability through clustering.
  • Searches implemented with the SOLR engine
  • Multi-language support
  • Support for Windows, GNU/Linux and Solaris platforms
  • Mobile applications Support for IOS and Android
  • Graphical Interface based on Internet browsers.

From GPS we can help you to implement and configure alfresco as an ECM-BPM solution so that your company can also enjoy its multiple capacities.