Group work solution. Open-Xchange.

It Is a facilitator, a tool for the management of teamwork, by areas or departments that allows to carry the following tasks of any company:

  • Management and calendar of appointments for each user and for workgroups and departments.
  • Shared and secure folders between users and groups of users
  • Possibility of access to clients, appointments, notes and documents from any location over the Internet.
  • Access from Internet and Intranet to email.
  • Monitoring of projects and clients for each user.
  • Management and tracking of client-to-user History files.
  • Global agenda for unified calendar management.
  • Text editor for reports and notes on appointments, contacts, and tasks.
  • Possibility of attaching documents from other programs.
  • Possibility of vertical personalization of any functionality necessary for the management of your business.

Open-Xchange offers collaborative functions such as e-mail, calendar, contacts or fully integrated task management with options such as document database, links, permissions management, projects, forums and knowledge database.

Open-Xchange Server supports:

Open-Xchange Server is free and open source software, and is distributed under the GNU General Public license. The commercial version includes extended functionality, known as OXtenders, that allows connectivity with Microsoft Outlook, a user management module through a graphical interface and access to the support and maintenance website where to download Updates, patches, documents and an extensive list of articles and guides.