WordPress It is a content management system that was initially focused on the creation of blogs (websites periodically updated) but its great support from developers, plugins and performance tools has made it one of the first Options when creating a site. Being designed in PHP and MySQL is ideal for creating Web pages, blogs, galleries, and even business web pages.

It Has a broad support of the community so it is one of the best tools, to make a website for the future.

From GPS we can help you create an environment for your website, define a site and start a dynamic environment that you will then be able to maintain easily, only with the editor and few tools that the WP itself includes you can have an updated website, Dynamic and attractive for your customers and followers. In GPS we have a wide experience doing work with WordPress and MySQL. Of course, if you need to maintain or update the site we can take care of everything…

If you are interested in updating your website or creating a new one, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@gpsos.es

We are at your disposal,

Open Source Solutions Department.