SQLTXTRACT y SQLTXPLAIN. How are they installed?

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Hello friends!!! This week we are back with a post about ORACLE. Have you had problems with bugs, execution plans… and from support_oracle you have been asked for information having to install SQLTXTRACT and SQLTXPLAIN?

Today we will see how to install this tool and thus, collect the information! Let’s get to it!

SQLTXTRACT Prerequisite Installation

In order to use SQLTXTRACT, we first need to download the SQLTXPLAIN package. We will do it through the web:


Once we have the software, we leave it on the machine. hostess and follow the next steps:

  1. We unzip the software:
 [oradev@ORA12CL ~]$ unzip sqlt_10g_11g_12c_18c_19c_29th_January_2020.zip
 inflating: sqlt/utl/xplore/sys_views.sql
 inflating: sqlt/utl/xplore/uninstall.sql
 inflating: sqlt/utl/xplore/user_objects.sql
 inflating: sqlt/utl/xplore/xplore.pkb
 inflating: sqlt/utl/xplore/xplore.pks
 [oradev@ORA12CL ~]$
 [oradev@ORA12CL ~]$ ls -lrth sqlt
 total 120K
 drwxr-xr-x 3 oradev oinstall 4.0K Jan 29 17:38 input
 drwxr-xr-x 2 oradev oinstall 4.0K Jan 29 17:38 doc
 drwxr-xr-x 2 oradev oinstall 4.0K Jan 29 17:38 install
 drwxr-xr-x 2 oradev oinstall 4.0K Jan 29 17:38 run
 drwxr-xr-x 7 oradev oinstall 4.0K Jan 29 17:38 utl
 -rw-r--r-- 1 oradev oinstall 58K Feb 5 17:44 sqlt_instructions.html
 -rw-r--r-- 1 oradev oinstall 39K Feb 5 17:46 sqlt_instructions.txt 

2. Go to the install directory to install the software.

 [oradev@ORA12CL ~]$ cd sqlt/install
 [oradev@ORA12CL install]$ sqlplus / as sysdba
 SQL*Plus: Release Production on Thu Feb 6 11:04:53 2020
 Copyright (c) 1982, 2013, Oracle. All rights reserved.
 Connected to:
 Oracle Database 11g Release - 64bit Production
 With the Automatic Storage Management option
 SQL> START sqcreate.sql 

After executing sqcreate.sql. The wizard will prompt us with the following questions:


We leave blank and press Enter. Subsequently, we must define a password.

Once the password has been defined, the next step is to specify the path where the resulting data will be saved. We press YES


It will show us the available tablespaces and we will have to choose one.


Subsequently, we will have to indicate a temporary tablespace

We now select the main schema on which we are going to collect the query data.


Finally, select the type of license.

After these steps the installation will start.


We see that the SQLTXPLAIN utility has been fully installed.


Once we have installed SQLTXPLAIN, we can run SQLXTRACT. In this way we will be able to gather information for Oracle Support. To use the tool, simply execute the following commands:

SQL > START sqltxtract.sql 93yvxy6qxwdar *********** 

The generated package will be uploaded to Oracle Support.

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