OTRS error: The browser you are using is too old.

We recently encountered this error in OTRS . It’s about the error: “ The browser you are using is too old. “Or” The browser you are using is too old ” in Spanish. It can be seen in the following image:

After testing in all browsers, we verified that it appeared in all of them. That’s when we got down to business. Let’s see.

In search of the reason for the OTRS error

The first thing we did was enter the machine through Putty. With df -h we discovered that the problem was that the disk / where OTRS is hosted was full. It was then that we were looking for which were the directories that occupied the most with the following Linux command:

 du -h --max-depth = 1 

This command shows you the size of the directories and files hosted in the current directory.

Finally we discovered that the reason was an error that appeared in the MySQL log, which requested to execute mysql_upgrade to solve it. This error was the following:

[Warning] InnoDB: Table mysql / innodb_index_stats has length mismatch in the column name table_name. Please run mysql_upgrade

As a result of this error, the log was filled to 5.4 gb. So the first step was to delete the log after stopping the mysql service and thus free up the space. After that, we carry out the execution of mysql_upgrade with satisfactory results and no error appeared again. After executing mysql_upgrade we went back to OTRS and the same error appeared, nothing had changed.

We continue to investigate and find that it could be a bug when updating version 6.0.17 to 6.0.18 but we did not have that version. Still, we check the installed version with:

cat / opt / otrs / RELEASE
VERSION = 6.0.10

Being a different version, this was not the problem either. We are looking for OTRS updates but it seems they can no longer be found.

In the end the problem was the OTRS cache

We did not give up, and found that it could be an OTRS cache problem and had to be regenerated with the following commands with the OTRS Linux user:

bin / otrs.Console.pl Maint :: Loader :: CacheCleanup 
bin / otrs.Console.pl Maint :: Loader :: CacheGenerate 

After running these commands, I kept getting the error in Chrome as well, but when testing from Firefox, the page already loaded fine. We then tried incognito with Chrome and it also worked. Currently we can access with all browsers. We hope it helps you too.

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