Bug when creating a DB in RAC with dbca

Hello everyone, today we are going to talk about a bug that happened to our team in a client a few days ago. Occurred when creating a DB in RAC in version using grid infrastructure 19c. The creation was to be done with the graphical tool Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA)

How to create a DB in RAC with DBCA?

The dbca is the graphical database creation tool offered by Oracle. Once the application is up there are several options to work with it, such as creating databases, managing templates, etc.

Create a DB in RAC gpsos

DB creation error

In the tool we choose “Create Database”, and we continue with the creation process as it is normally done, and when we get to the screen to assign a name to the instance and the nodes where the Cluster is going to be configured.

When trying to go to the following configuration screens of the different options of the DB and the instance, it is when we find the error.

We looked for the bug and found a support note from Oracle ( Doc ID 1915945.1 ) where it indicates that there is a bug in the software, titled:


This error is solved using a DB version from 12.1.

In our case, we created the database manually using CREATE DATABASE , and executing the necessary tasks that when we use graphic tools we take for granted, but that it is important to know in case they are necessary one day.

We will see these tasks of manual creation of a DB in RAC in another post soon.

We hope you have been interested.


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