Alliance between MongoDB and OVH for cloud services

Hello everyone, recently the news of the alliance between MongoDB and OVH to offer cloud services . MongoDB has become the database NoSQL by excellence. For its part, OVH is one of the leaders in hosting and Cloud services in Europe. The alliance between the two is a clear example that today, the entire world of databases and computing is focused on the cloud. The fact that you are located in Europe means that you must comply with the strict data protection laws and security requirements that are imposed from Europe.

Alliance between MongoDB and OVH for cloud services

How does this alliance between MongoDB and OVH affect?

The collaboration between the two focuses mainly on data security according to those responsible. Something that is becoming increasingly important with the attacks that come to light every month. This is achieved thanks to end-to-end encryption among other technologies. As this security is already in place by OVH in this case, it is not necessary for the company or developer to have to worry about this problem.

On the other hand, it makes it easier for a company that does not have enough knowledge to manage MongoDB to contract these services in the cloud. In this way, the management of backups and that it is always in operation will not depend on it, since it will be managed by the hosting.

By implementing this way of hosting the database on an external server, it can be downloaded to the developer’s server or computer from the consumption of RAM resources and space that it would mean to have it on your own computer. In this way, it is possible to free up these resources to speed up the development process or support other applications.


As we have commented throughout the article, it has its advantages, such as backup management or security. But no less important, is to have the database optimized so that it is not a bottleneck for your application. As well as the assembly of the database and structure and that no hosting can offer it to you. If you want us to review your environment MongoDB or other databases , or you don’t want to worry about index maintenance and performance, Contact us without obligation and we will analyze your case.

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